Here's just a small sampling of our awesome clients.

7th & University Apartments

These apartments are new to Dixie State University. With all of the excitement as there is about them and living here, it’s important to the managers that their tenants receive what they pay for, including their parking spot. Southern Utah Parking helps make sure that their tenants stay happy by enforcing their exclusive parking with posted signs and vehicle booting.

Homestead Farms .jpg

The Homestead Farms Community

With over 70 units in this community, the HOA knows what a priority their parking availability and community security is to the residents. Southern Utah Parking has been able to help keep the parking lot safe and private for their residents.

Seasons North Apartments

This apartment complex, located in Cedar City, UT takes pride in providing Southern Utah University students housing that is close enough to walk to the school but far enough away to fight the parking lot battle. So when non-tenants were parking in their lot, this was a problem they needed to fix right away. Southern Utah Parking shares in the pride in the quality housing service that Seasons North provides their tenants.

Red Mountain apartments

Directly across the street from the Udvar Hazy Business Building at DSU, Red Mountain’s parking lot is easily subject to non-tenants using their parking lot. We check their lot to make sure that only vehicles with the Red Mountain pass are parked there. And when they don’t have the apartment’s parking pass, we follow our vehicle booting protocol.

vintage at canyonlands

Vintage at Canyonlands strives to offer students the same level of comfort and peace of mind that they would find at home. Southern Utah Parking is proud to accompany this mission. Just like you wouldn’t want a stranger parking in your driveway, we make sure that only tenants get to use their apartments’ parking lot.

the stay

These great, updated apartments are right across the street from the DSU campus. This is a prime location for student tenants. This also creates the opportunity for the non-tenant student who can’t find somewhere to park at DSU, to park in The Stay’s lot. We help decrease this scenario with posted signs to warn of exclusive parking rules and to enforce these rules when not followed.

campus villas

This premium student housing is located one block from DSU. It is also located near business plazas. With the parking lot accessible from both Tabernacle Street and 800 East, it’s easy for local shoppers to want to park at Campus Villas, where there is more space to park than the business plazas. Southern Utah Parking helps keep the apartment parking lot available for the residents.